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IATA issues guidelines to transport Covid-19 vaccines [2020-11-26]
Air Canada to sets freighter fleet to expand cargo business [2020-11-26]
Latin America-China reefer trade up 6.9pc in first 9 months [2020-11-26]
Xi Jinping says China must rely on innovation-driven growth model [2020-11-26]
Exponential growth in transpacific trade in next 2 months: Sea-Intelligence [2020-11-19]
World's biggest trade bloc formed in Asia backed by China [2020-11-19]
Air cargo recovery speeds up in September, says IATA [2020-11-19]
A-E rate surge 21pc to US$1,508/TEU, USWC up $16 to $3,887/FEU [2020-11-19]
ONE forecasts a staggering 884pc net profit hike to US$928m for FY2020 [2020-11-13]
Air cargo prepares for biggest ever product launch as vaccine nears roll-out [2020-11-13]

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